ACDSee Free 1.0.18

Program on Windows that allows you to view and print your photos quickly for free

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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ACDSee Free 1.0.18
ACDSee Free 2014

ACDSee Free is a piece of software that helps you view images in the Windows operating system. The software is compact, it uses few system resources, and it operates at a high rate of speed.

One of the biggest complaints about the native image viewer on the Windows operating system, Windows Photo Viewer, is that it runs far too slowly. Those who feel that way should certainly try this small tool. The secret to the speed of the software is that it has none of the frills that typically take up processing speed and thus slow down the operation of a functional image viewer.

When most people go looking for a new image viewer, they typically do some research on one of the industry benchmark apps for such functionality. That app is Adobe Lightroom, and as part of the Adobe family of apps, it is exceptionally large even for an image viewer. Of course, that software has extra functionality that gives it the leg up on the industry it's known to have, but that doesn't mean it is the ideal image viewer for everyone. Its advanced functions make it slow, and it negatively affects your system in the same way.

You won't experience any sort of negative system affects when using ACDSee Free. The software responds to your commands in an instant, and the convenient 'Tools' menu provides a number of helpful utilities like the ability to set the current open image to your desktop as the background image. You can also quickly zoom in and out by using the '+' and '-' symbols.

ACDSee Free also comes with a number of integrated print controls that are exceptionally useful. If you decide you want to print your images after you've finishing browsing through them, the print settings are easily accessible so you can ensure the format is correct and the paper size is accurate. If you play around with the print options for a while, you'll be able to learn a great deal about the subtleties of the tool.

The unfortunate truth of the situation is that ACDSee Free is a weak image viewer for the same reason it's a strong image viewer. It offers lighting-fast operation, but it comes at the cost of any advanced functionality or complex graphic interface. The speed of the software is nice when working with large batches of images, but beyond that, the built-in Windows Photo Viewer will provide any Windows user with adequate image viewing functionality. There aren't any convincing arguments in favor of looking for another image viewer, but if you so choose, ACDSee Free is a good option that costs nothing to try.

If ACDSee Free had just a few advanced functions, it might be on par with or better than Windows Photo Viewer. The software is fully compatible with EMF, WMF, WBMP, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, GIF, JPEG, PIC, and BMP file formats.


  • Quick Operation
  • Multiple Print Settings
  • Image Data Display


  • Few Interesting Features
  • Dull User Interface

ACDSee is a program for viewing, storing and organizing images. ACDSee Free grants you immediate access to all of your favorite pictures. It offers all of the standard features you would expect from an image viewer such as zooming, scrolling, cropping and rotating, but there are a few extra features that you might not expect. ACDSee Free also helps easily print images according to specified settings or even set a picture as your personal desktop background. New features are geared towards improving the online sharing experience, especially through social media websites. With these new photo sharing options, ACDSee Free has evolved from a good piece of software to a must-have program.

It Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

While ACDSee Free comes with a lot of confusing advanced functions, the very basics are still easy to understand. You won't need to spend all day searching for a particular tool or button, especially if you have used an image viewing program in the past. Controls are very easy to pick up from the beginning. Double clicking an image makes that image full-screen. Dragging files from your file explorer to ACDSee Free will open the corresponding image in the viewer. You can also use the internal file menu to specify files to open. The rest of the controls are just as easy to learn, and a quick glance at the Help File will help you iron out the details.

Superior Organization

It's hard to find an image viewing application that can compete with the organization capabilities of ACDSee Free. The system works very fast and allows you to find organized images according to tags, keywords or other search criteria. Filters help determine what images should be displayed. Moving through images only requires scrolling the mouse. Zipped folders can be unzipped and instantly organized from within the ACDSee Free interface. Once images have been successfully organized, you can use ACDSee Free to create power points, slide shows, online galleries and screen savers.

Photo Sharing Features

As previously mentioned, many of the newer features center around online sharing of images. This can be accomplished using the upload option, which connects users to their social media profiles and automatically uploads selected images. Users can also create a customized photo widget to place on their online blog or website. ACDSee Free includes its own PowerPoint suite that allows users to create PowerPoints for sharing. Other new features include some light photo editing capabilities. Users can add special effect to their images, as well as add shadows, frames or borders.


  • Very effective organization structure
  • Can create PowerPoints from within ACDSee
  • Basic features and controls are easy to learn


  • Photo editing tools are very basic
  • Advanced features have a sharp learning curve
  • Not as great as the full Pro version

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